• “Best of Madison Japanese/Sushi Restaurant - Gold”

    - Madison Magazine

  • “But the sushi rolls– raw, cooked, special and seasonal– are where to find the fireworks”

    - The Cap Times

  • “This edgy midcentury modern dining lounge might be the swankiest eatery in Madison”

    - Madison Magazine

Exhilarating Events

Let RED provide the perfect food, drinks and atmosphere for your next event. Whether you’re looking to get inside the action at a chef’s table for two to four, or an exciting evening in the lounge for up to 100 guests, we’ll give an experience you won’t forget.

The Social Side of #REDMADISONWI

Potatoes. 🥰 Warm, comforting, delicious potatoes. Satsumaimo Sweet Potatoes in sweet & spicy Chili Caramel, with a sprinkling of sea salt and sesame, they’re pretty much a hug you can eat. ...

🎉 Voting Time! 🍁 Which of our new Autumn rolls are you Falling for?
🔸Get Figgy With It: 🎵
🔸Poblano Picasso: 🎨
🔸Love it when you call me Big Papaya: 🥭

‼️For anyone lookin’ for trouble. Make it double. 😍 The new sliders are perfect for you and your partner in crime... Call them out with a tag below. 👇

♦️ Gochujang BBQ Pork Sliders: Jalapeño ginger pork, Habanero onion ring, Gochuchang BBQ sauce & Crispy Pork belly

Hey Babe! ❤️ It’s me, RED’s new Fall Menu. I’ve been thinking about you too. 😘 How about we make a reservation? Otherwise, I can always swing by your place with delivery. 😉 Hope to see you soon!

📸 Seared Scallops with Lemongrass Sweet Potato, Crispy Pork Belly, Maitake Mushrooms and Sunflower Shoots


🍁Ready to fall for Fall? 🍂RED’s rolling out a new menu brimming with the bounty of Autumn. 😊 The ingredients celebrate everything we love about this time of year and are just perfect for that first chill in the air.

Check them out at red-madison.com/menus 👀

Yo Ho Ho and a cocktail of Rum. 😆 Say g’day to our new Port Authority. ⛵️It’s talk like a pirate day and what better way to celebrate than to drink like one. 🍻
🔸Plantation Rum, Coffee Liquor, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cloves & Herbs

#talklikeapirateday #rum #madisoncocktails #redmadison

🍣 Eat more art & support local! Double tap if you agree. 🥰 ...

😎 Send summer out in style. 🥂This week is your last chance to enjoy our summer favorites! We’re making way for fabulous fall, so soak up the sunny flavors while you can! ...

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Find out how our international roots, steeped in a Madison-trained ethos, inspire a menu that spans the globe.

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