How To: Dining with Allergies & Food Restrictions at RED

RED seeks to guide you through your dining experience no matter your food restrictions

Dining with allergies can be stressful depending on the severity. Your friends suggest so many restaurants for dining out. While they are aware of your allergy, sometimes it can feel like a daunting task to find something on a menu that you can safely eat. Most people who have allergies or food restrictions are very used to dining out and know just what to ask. Are you someone who isn’t? Found out about a new allergy? Still feel uncomfortable making your way around a menu, especially one that has so many options?
Fear not. At RED, we tackle the fact of allergies from the first point of contact.
When making a reservation, our hosts and management team will ask if you have any allergies in your group. During your visit, hosts will communicate with servers about the allergen specified in their notes.
Even so, our servers still ask about other allergies and mention the allergy noted at the initial moment of communication during service. In addition, our team of chefs know exactly what is in each recipe and what is safe to eat.
We take further precautions by preparing a clean station in which to prepare your order. Depending on how serious your allergy is, it could take just a little bit longer to prepare your food as our chefs take extra caution to guarantee a safe dining experience.
What about guests who are Vegan? Dairy free? Gluten free? Vegetarian? Soy free? We are happy and proud to be able to accommodate these restrictions and more. The only case in which we would suggest another item from our menu, other than the item you’ve selected, would be if you chose an item in which omitting ingredients would change the integrity of the dish. It is our goal to make sure that you have the highest quality dining experience and that means providing you with the best food experience we can.
Further, do not ever hesitate to ask questions. Our staff is trained, ready, and no question is impossible to answer.


Written by Alejandra Perez
RED Social Media Coordinator,
Office Manager, Web Coordinator